ePlanning Demo

ePlanning Demo - Procedure (EclipseTM *)


The intent of this procedure is solely to demonstrate the ability of our Physicists and Dosimetrists to produce a treatment plan that meets all the required therapeutic indications and dose constraints in a quite acceptable time interval. It does not reproduce in any way the actual commercial solution regarding either security or file transfer integrity.


  1. Choose any of the following anatomic regions and download the specific anonymous CT:
    1. Thorax
    2. SNC
    3. H&N
    4. Pelvic
  2. Import the CT on Eclipse. If possible maintain the Name & ID coming from the CT.
  3. Create your own contours, including all PTVs and Organs at risk.
  4. Export the newly created contours. This should result in a DICOM RS file (usually named “RSpatientID.dcm”):
    1. File → Export → Wizard → Plan.
    2. Check the "Include Structure Set" box and uncheck all other boxes.
    3. Click Next on the remaining steps. 
  5. Download the ePlanning Trial Form, and
    1. Fill out all machine parameters according to your own machine information.
    2. Fill the treatment prescription fields, and add any additional notes that you desire.
    3. Send the form, together with the DICOM RS file, to our email address (iro.remote@mercuriushealth.com). If the files are too large you may zip them prior to sending.
  6. In less than 24h you’ll receive an email with the proposed treatment plan and the corresponding calculated dose (may also come in zipped form). These will come in DICOM RP and RS formats. We’ll include our machine's Name and ID on the same email.
  7. Create a new Import/Export filter in Eclipse:
    1. Tools → Import/Export Configuration → Manage External IDs.
    2. Create a New correspondence, where our Machine ID will be the External ID and your Machine ID will be the Internal ID.
    3. Press Ok. You’ll be redirected to the Import/Export Configuration.
    4. On the Import Filter press Add…
    5. Select “DICOM Media File Import Filter” and press Add.
    6. Type the name you wish to assign to this filter.
    7. Check “Use external ID conversion” and press OK. The filter is now created.
  8. Import the RP and RS Files that you received by email:
    1. Open the patient created for this demo.
    2. File → Import Wizard.
    3. Select the filter created in step 7, and follow the remaining steps.
    4. Associate these files to the same patient created in step 2.
  9. Evaluate the dose distribution.
  10. Optionally, you may want recalculate the treatment plan with your own algorithm. Our current photon algorithm is AAA 13.5, if your algorithm is different or a different version small differences may arise in the final calculation.


* This procedure was tested in versions 8.6 to 13 ofEclipseTM. Other Treatment Planning Systems will be available soon.


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