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Mercurius Health is an on-site operations and “know-how transfer” company, specialized in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine (including PET) and Cyclotron based Radiopharmaceutical production.

The company is focused in technical cooperation, consultancy, operation and training in actual or prospective centers seeking for edge solutions in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine or Radiopharmaceutical Production.

Mercurius Health provides specialized and unparalleled support during all phases of any project, from the conceptual idea to daily routine, with highly trained skilled professionals who make possible the raising of your Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy or Radiopharmaceutical production center, wherever it is needed.

With strong expertise proven for more than a decade, and working in accordance with the best international practices and guidelines, Mercurius Health integrates specialized, dedicated and multidisciplinary teams of Medical Physicists, Dosimetrists, Radiation Protection Officers, Technologists, Physicians and experts in Radiochemistry/Radiopharmacy able to fully operate your center, to fulfill a specific need and/or to train your own teams.

On-the-spot or remotely, according to your goals, needs and time-schedule.


To improve the quality, safety, efficiency and outcomes of the care of cancer patients in radiation oncology centers around the world.

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