Marketing tools for your Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Centre

A powerful site is the best way to demonstrate publically the capacity of your Centre.

The Centre site is the first public image of your professional activity. Precise and correct contents are mandatory to offer a good service to your patients.

The quality of the information that you deliver to the patients and to the professionals should be top level. You only have one opportunity to show a good first image.

Defining Marketing Tools – what is it?

  • Defining Marketing tools is a service package that includes the delivery of:
  • Web site contents
  • Materials information
  • Press-release templates
  • Activity Statistics definition
  • It is a personalized service developed by experienced professionals.
  • It is a way to speed-up the promotion of your Centre.


Defining Marketing Tools – benefits

  • An easy way to reach patients.
  • Professionals proud of their Centre.
  • Optimize patients contact with the Centre by offering services information, patients registry, online appointments, 2nd opinion online services, news.
  • Reduce help-desk costs.


Defining Marketing Tools – Our compromise
Build personalized Web site contents including:
Generic and specific information for Radiotherapy and/or Nuclear Medicine
Targeting patient information – what should they know before, during and after the treatments or the exams
Define personalized materials including:

  • Patient registration form
  • Patient education materials
  • Patient Information Booklets or flyers 
  • Patient consent forms
  • Patient satisfaction inquiry
  • Create Press-Release/News templates.

Publicise patients and professionals testimonials.
Define activity statistics and get them public. 
Work together with our Customers assuring that final outputs reflect their image, culture and way of doing.


Defining Marketing Tools - Technical requirements

  • Site technical platform is not included and must be assured by the customer.
  • Compliance tests are done until reaching good natural research results on the web.
  • Marketing layouts are not included and should be assured by the customer.

Marketing tools for your Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

How complete and accurate is the information delivered?

Our teams work on the field activity, day by day, in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Centers, for more than 15 years. Delivered outputs reflect this experience.


How much time is needed to finalize Defining Marketing Tools package service?

Normally it takes no more than one month working time.


Does local team get involved?

The only way to have success on final outputs is by working together with local team incorporating image, culture and way of doing.


How can we assure that information keeps updated?

Local team is trained to assure they are able to update information whenever needed. Nevertheless, Mercurius Health can offer long-term consultant services.


How can we assure the effectiveness of the results and objectives achievement?

Technical information is given from the site platform that shows site performance.

Other objectives are measured according to previous definition.


If we don’t have Technical support to implement the Site platform what can we do?

Mercurius Health can indicate one or several reputable experimented companies in that area and you can contract directly.


If we don’t have Marketing Layout support what can we do?

Mercurius Health can indicate one or several reputable experimented companies in that area and you can contract directly. It is possible to be the same company that implement technical site platform.


How is Defining Marketing Tools service package charged?

Several options are available according to customer needs:

  • Fixed fee for the complete package
  • Fixed fee for each item according to customer needs
  • Included in long term Services Contracts, like:
  • Operational Go-Live Support
  • Technical Consulting services
  • Quality assessment services
  • Training packages services
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