Radiotherapy Remote Treatment Planning

Radiotherapy Treatment Plans are becoming each day more and more complex, therefore increasingly labour and time consuming. Dosimetry skills and experience also becomes a crucial need.


The importance of a fully prepared, up to date and flexible dosimetry team is more evident than ever. A proactive approach to this issue can increase your service productivity and efficiency, concerning every aspect of treatment planning.


Mercurius Health offers an innovative solution to many of the present day dosimetry staff needs, whether they originate from a limited labour market, low training skills or temporary staff reductions.


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ePlanning – what is it?

  • ePlanning is the process of completing a radiation treatment plan with an external treatment planning system, working at a geographical distance
  • It is an On-Demand Solution
  • It is an alternative to adding permanent staff


ePlanning – benefits

  • Manage peak patient’s volume - Dosimetry staff is no longer a limitation to the overall number of treated patients
  • Manage temporary dosimetrists absences - Unexpected short-term dosimetrists absences
  • Manage complex treatment plannings requiring high level expertise - Real-time support with complex situations
  • Ensure that treatment planning is ready when your patient needs it
  • Cost savings versus adding full-time dosimetrists
  • TPS stations become totally available for local team


ePlanning – Our compromise

Quality Dosimetrists and Physicists team always available to meet your needs.

Always "on-time" treatment plan delivery.

Support 2nd opinion clinical contouring and/or complex plans.

Local planning approval before patient treatment, allowing costumer absolute clinical independence.

Full support from clinical contouring to full treatment planning, until local approval. 

Patient’s confidentiality is protected at every ePlanning step.

Ensure information integrity.


ePlanning - Other Features

  • 3D Planning
  • Brachytherapy Planning
  • IMRT, VMAT, RapidArc Planning
  • Contouring and prescription advice


ePlanning - what is required?

  • Ease-to-use web based solution
  • HIPAA compliant solution
  • ePlanning service does not require any client parallel investment (e.g. software purchase)
  • Required Data for ePlanning: Beam Data and planning constraints


ePlanning - Our Team

Mercurius Health Dosimetrists and Physicists team has more than 30 experts. With an expertise of more than 10.000 plannings done annually and 15 years of experience.

Our excellence is at your service as we are locally working side-by-side with your team.

Radiotherapy Remote Treatment Planning Radiotherapy Remote Treatment Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the ePlanning solution?

Through our HIPAA compliant solution we guarantee both integrity and confidentiality of your patients information.


How much time is needed to setup the ePlanning solution?

ePlanning is not only an easy to use but also easy to setup solution taking no more than 1 week to setup.


Does local team need any particular training?

Though it's an easy to use solution local training can be made available.


How is the treatment planning approved?

Treatment approval is done at the costumers own TPS as if it was done locally.


Can we communicate with the remote dosimetrists team if there are any issues? How? When?

Yes, through a secure connection.


What is the response time compromise?

Usually 24hours for 3D planning, and 48hours for advanced techniques.


What if the MD does not agree with the Treatment Plan?

Replanning is always possible according to the MD's directives.


MD restrictions are taken into account during Treatment Planning execution?

Yes, with two possible solutions: customized for each doctor or general for the client.


How is ePlanning charged?

Depending on your product purchase, it can be charged by each single plan or for a specific number of plans.


Can ePlanning be tried on before taken final decision?

Yes, there is a try & buy available option, offering a total of 5 free treatment plans.

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